Virtual Forest Consultation

What do you get when you put two gentlemen in a studio that like to have fun and learn about nature? The result is a mic’d up forester doing an on-site podcast interview.

Several weeks ago, forester Brett Kuipers was featured on the Enough To Be Dangerous Podcast with Mark Dykema discussing his passion and practice of sustainable forestry. The concept of the podcast takes interesting careers and hobbies and teaches you….you guessed it, enough to be dangerous about said topic. With so many individuals passionate about being a steward of the resources we have been given on earth, it is no wonder that the episode is one of their most listened to interviews.

In the interview, Brett and Mark discuss the importance of forestry and practices used to facilitate harvests and simulate natural disasters. As the episode description says, it was a lot of ‘laughter, lumber and lots of information’ on all things tree and forest related.

To take things one step further, imagine listening to the audio of a mic’d up NFL quarterback on game day. Brett conducted a forest consultation while recording to let listeners experience what a forester will ask and tell a landowner during an initial Forest Consultation.

Developing a sugar bush to produce maple syrup was this landowner’s primary objective. Take a listen to hear the fun conversation and learn a little along the way.