Michigan Forestry Company subcontracts with and for other businesses to help increase our area of service. 


Randy Kuipers Consulting Forester, LLC

Randy is a registered forester (#) and completed his Bachelor of Science in Forest Management at Michigan State University. He has over 30 years of forestry experience with over 25 years in the private sector through Menasha Corporation. 


Lake Effect Property Services

Serving you, your property, and your habitat. Lake Effect Property Services specializes in Forestry Mowing for the wildlife community throughout the entire state of Michigan. They interface with habitat consultants (like Michigan Forestry Co.) to offer complete plans that will benefit your hunting and your habitat. Licensed in the state of Michigan to spray herbicides, they are able to prevent and treat invasive species.


Wildlife Realty

Wildlife Realty has specialized in marketing and selling hunting, recreational, and agricultural land in Michigan for over 15 years. With our expertise and market knowledge, we can match you with the land of your dreams and assist you through the transaction process every step of the way.

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