With over 15 years of forestry experience, we aim to successfully meet landowner goals for their woodlots. 


Our Mission

At Michigan Forestry Company we are committed to exercising sustainable forest management on behalf of the landowner. We do this through strategic harvests, forest management planning and administrating timber sales. Trees are Michigan's greatest renewable resource; let us help you manage your woodlands today for future generations.


Timber sale administration

  • Initial consultation
  • Boundary marking
  • Timber marking and scaling 
  • Bid preparation, solicitation and administration
  • Contract creation and management 
  • Timber harvest supervision

Forest management plans

Creating plans to enroll landowners into...

  • Qualified Forest Program (MDARD)
  • Forest Stewardship Program (DNR)
  • Commercial Forest Program (DNR)
  • Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) Plans
  • General forest and wildlife management plans

Wildlife habitat management

Design a forest management strategy to promote desired wildlife species on your woodlands through... 

  • Planting or promoting desired forest vegetation
  • Manage for nut producing tree species
  • Create cover for species habitat through planting and tree harvesting
  • Eradicate invasive species 
  • Protecting endangered species if present

forest consultation

  • Identify landowner management goals
  • On-site visit at the property
  • Walk the property
  • Forestry recommendation based on landowner goals that could include the following actions:
    • Harvest
    • Planting
    • Disease management
    • Health management 
    • Timber stand improvement
    • Invasive species prevention and management