Your consulting forester is a resource for all things related to a timber harvest. Be prepared for your meeting by gathering a list of questions. 

Questions for your initial consultation...

  • When and how will I be paid for my timber harvest?
  • When will my trees be harvested?
  • How does the bidding process work?
  • Will I be required to pay taxes on my timber value?
  • Are there any programs that provide tax incentives for a forest landowner?
  • How will a forest harvest better influence my landowner objectives?
  • What will my land look like after it is harvested?
  • How will the forester manage the harvest and the logging crew?
  • Can you show me other harvests you have managed?
  • How will the harvest impacting my hunting season?
  • What if I am unsure of my property lines?
  • How many trees do I need to create a viable harvest?